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30-minute diesel truck oil changes in Marshall TX and Kilgore TX

Regular oil changes and filter replacements are critical for every commercial transport vehicle. Undiscovered mechanical issues cost time and can result in lost routes and jobs for truckers.

Fleet Lube offers diesel truck oil changes and full-service preventive maintenance aimed at minimizing the risk of mechanical breakdowns for big trucks, pickups and RVs.

We make sure your oil is flowing freely. We check to see if your filters are keeping pollutants, debris and harmful particles from getting into your engine. We take care of your vehicle, quickly and effectively, with our outstanding truck PM service.

Our job is to keep the vehicles we service from being unduly stressed. And when your vehicle isn’t stressed, you aren’t either.

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Tractor/trailer lube service

Fleet Lube keeps trucks and trailers up and running with fast and high-quality big rig oil changes in East Texas. Our preventive maintenance services include:

We know you don’t have time to spare because you have schedules to maintain. That’s why we offer fast preventive maintenance services and a full 18 wheeler lube in just 30 minutes. We service all makes of big trucks, including Freightliner, International, Mac, Peterbilt and Volvo.

Motor oils available at Fleet Lube includes Chevron Delo, Mobil Delvac and Shell Rotella. Fleet Lube filters include Baldwin, Cat, Ford Motorcraft, Fleetguard and Luber-Finer.

No appointments are required for our services. Just drive up, and we’ll take care of your semi truck oil replacement and full PM for your truck and trailer. We’re all about making things easy and fast, to get you back where you need to be – on the road.

Pickup truck lube service

Pickup trucks have seen many changes in recent years. More commercial applications, new regulations and increasing competition have created even greater need for proper preventive maintenance. You can trust Fleet Lube to monitor this changing landscape and adapt to make sure your pickups are operating at peak performance.

We provide full-service preventive maintenance and pickup truck oil changes for all types of pickup trucks, both gasoline and diesel models, including Cummins, Duramax and Ford. Fleet Lube stands ready to service your entire fleet.

RV lube service

While we primarily focus on work vehicles at Fleet Lube, we recognize that many of the issues with large trucks are the same as those faced by recreational vehicles. Every RV owner takes pride in their vehicle and wants it to be in tip-top condition, whenever the road calls. That’s why Fleet Lube provides RV oil change and preventive maintenance for both gasoline and diesel models.

RV owners can pack their bags, stock the RV fridge and hit the road with peace of mind. Fleet Lube will make sure your motor home oil changes are taken care of and your filters (including those for RV generators) are good to go, so your family can explore with confidence.